IG Metall continues its successful cooperation with the YouTubers Union by founding the FairTube e. V. association.

February 3, 2021

IG Metall and YouTubers Union had agreed to cooperate in July 2019 in order to unite platform workers across national borders and thus sustainably improve working conditions on internet platforms such as YouTube. The joint venture called FairTube was started as a campaign for better working conditions on YouTube. The informal cooperation is now taking on a formal character. The FairTube e. V. association was founded in late 2020. The association’s online activities started on February… Read More

Ombuds Office for the Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct publishes 2019 annual report

March 3, 2020

The Ombuds Office of the Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct has published its 2019 annual report. In 2019, 14 cases were submitted to the Ombuds Office. These cases, as well as 7 open cases from 2018, have been resolved. Some of the questions raised by the complaints submitted to the Ombuds Office were of a fundamental nature; in response to these questions, the Office has developed principles for guiding decisions in future… Read More

First German crowdworker sues over employment misclassification

January 20, 2020

Bavarian Labor Court rules in favor of platform In November 2019, the Bavarian Labour Court in Munich heard the first employment misclassification lawsuit in Germany brought by a crowdworker. The crowdworker, with legal support from IG Metall, claimed that the platform had incorrectly classified him as self-employed. He was, he said, in practice treated as an employee. On December 4, 2019, the Court ruled in favor of the platform. The ruling of the Court… Read More

“FairTube”: IG Metall and Youtubers Union launch joint initiative

July 22, 2019

Effort aims to improve fairness and transparency for video creators working on online platforms   Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 22 July 2019 — IG Metall, the largest trade union in Europe, and the Youtubers Union, an association of online video creators, announced today a joint initiative to improve the working conditions of YouTubers who earn income, or aim to, from the videos they upload to the YouTube platform. Several thousand people in Germany alone rely… Read More